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Furnitures set

Année : 2020

Type : Design


Romeo is a collection of timeless and customizable furnitures with character.
Combining apparently opposing shapes and textures, Romeo plays on ambivalence. Its
assertive curves and precious materials reveal its sensuality, whereas its raw structure of black metal tubes highlights its robustness. This hybrid nature, at once feminine and
masculine, evokes multiple inspirations and confers a certain timelessness to it, in
opposition to overly marked trends. It can therefore stand in a variety of spaces, whether contemporary or ancient, classical or modern.
Romeo praises simplicity in manufacturing. The structure consists of four tubular legs and a metal frame, supporting a first mdf rounded board. The steel tubes are placed on the perimeter of this board. The steel tubes, arranged in a tight row, form the sides and the bottom of the furniture. Above, a second board joins the whole unit together. The piece of furniture is finished with leather strips that are stretched around the steel tube network.
Roméo is easily customizable. The leather strips are detachable. They can be replaced by others with different colours and textures or removed to reveal the structure of the furniture. They can also be arranged in a different way, between the steel tubes and not just around them, to create unique patterns.
Like a chameleon, Romeo adapts to our environment, our tastes and our desires.

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